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Open Recreation Programs

Hours of Operation

Inclement Weather
Open Recreation/BGCA Programs will close if early release/base closure is issued by installation commander.
3-7 p.m.
3-9 p.m.

A prevention program that educates girls about healthy attitudes and lifestyles. Topics of discussion include physical and emotional growth, media influences, eating disorders, sexual myths/truths, personal values and social interactions, dating responsibility, STDs, exercise and physical activity, food programs, healthy appetites, etc. For age groups 9-12 and 13-17. Must have signed permission slip from parents before attending the club.

A program designed for young males to understand and manage a variety of issues and transitions during their passage from boyhood to manhood. Topics of discussion include physical changes in their bodies, altering relationships with authority, friends and members of the opposite sex, preparation for life roles, pressure from peers, sexual relations, drugs and other controlled substances, etc. For ages 11-14. Must have signed permission slip from parents before attending the club.

For more information on activities for youth ages 9-12 (pre-teens) and ages 13-18 (teens), please click here.


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