Day Trips



Please read these three documents, each important to your safe participation in our trips. 


Outdoor Recreation programs are open to all eligible customers at the regular price.  Some programs are offered to R4R eligible customers at a discounted price.  See program descriptions for details.


The sign-up deadline for Adventure Programs is two days prior to the trip unless otherwise noted.  The sign-up deadline for classes is the day prior to the class unless otherwise noted.

These day trips for summer of 2020 are listed in chronological order.


Embrace the early morning hours and join us on this sunrise hike in North Cheyenne Cañon. The payoff will be worth it! We will be meeting in the Cañon and hiking to the top of Mt. Cutler just in time to catch the sun rising over Colorado Springs. Outdoor Rec will provide headlamps to light the way and hot chocolate to enjoy at the top.

  • Cost: $15
  • Location: North Cheyenne Cañon, Mt. Cutler
  • Meet Time: 5:15 a.m.
  • End Time: 7 a.m.

BOULDERING – April 26, July 19

Bouldering is a form of climbing that keeps things lower to the ground and uses minimal gear. It is a great way to challenge yourself mentally and physically, and is also a great option for those who want to climb but have a complicated relationship with heights! We will be heading out to Ute Valley Park right here in Colorado Springs, where climbers of all skill levels can find challenging and fun bouldering problems.

  • Cost: $10 R4R eligible participants/$35 General price
  • Location: Ute Valley Park
  • Meet Time: 8 a.m.
  • End Time: 11 a.m.

DAY HIKE – May 9

Join us for a guided hike through the scenic North Cheyenne Cañon, a natural gem right here in Colorado Springs. Spend your morning hiking amongst the ponderosas and granite cliffs, taking in views of the city below.  Be sure to bring your camera!

  • Cost:  $10
  • Location:  North Cheyenne Cañon
  • Meet Time:  8 a.m.
  • End  Time:  12 p.m.

14er PLANNING CLASS – May 13, July 8, August 5

PAFB hikers at the top of Mount Yale.

Colorado is home to 54 peaks that soar over 14,000 feet in elevation (14ers).  Many people make it a goal to climb one or more 14ers while living or visiting here.  Join us for this planning class and let our knowledgeable staff provide you with the info and resources to plan your own trip and make it happen.

  • Cost:  $5
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  4:30 p.m.
  • End Time:  6 p.m.


  • May 13 & 15,
  • June 24 & 26,
  • July 15 & 17,
  • August 12 & 14

The ability to roll your own kayak right side up is necessary when battling down whitewater rapids.  Join Outdoor Recreation at the Aquatics Center as we teach the basics of whitewater kayaking and techniques on how to roll your own boat.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to get some training in or a beginner looking for instruction, this program is for you.  To get quality time in the boat, we’ve schedule two nights for you to hone your skills.

  • Cost:  $50/person, $20/person R4R.  Cost includes equipment and kayak instructor.
  • Location:  Meet at Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  5 p.m.
  • End Time:  8 p.m.
  • Restrictions:  Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Sign-up Deadline:  By noon two days prior to the clinic.

ROCK CLIMBING:  CLEAR CREEK CANYON – May 16, June 6, June 20, August 1

New for Summer 2020!  Clear Creek Canyon just outside of Boulder, Colorado, has some incredible options for rock climbing.  Whether you are a beginner or you are looking for something a little more challenging, this area has something for everyone.

  • Cost:  TBD
  • Location:  Clear Creek Canyon (Meet at Outdoor Recreation)
  • Meet Time:  7 a.m.
  • End Time:  4 p.m.


Join us at Angler’s Covey, Colorado Springs’s local fly fishing shop, for this introduction to fly fishing.  In this 1 hour 15 minute class, you will learn what fly fishing is, various fly fishing knots, how to rig a fly rod, and more!

  • Cost:  TBD
  • Location:  Angler’s Covey.
  • Meet Time:  TBD
  • End Time:  TBD


Grab your bike, or rent one of ours, and join us as we explore some of the great trails right here in  Colorado Springs.  We will be meeting at Ute Valley Park and guiding you through the mountain biking trails that this beautiful park has to offer.

  • Cost:  $15 for R4R eligible participants; $45 general price (Inquire with ODR for bike rental prices.)
  • Location:  Ute Valley Park
  • Meet Time:  8 a.m.
  • End Time:  12 p.m.


  • May 22, 23, 24, 30, 31
  • June 6, 7, 14
  • July 3, 5, 6, 19, 25, 26
  • August 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30

Whitewater rafting is back!  As summer temperatures rise, snow melts in the mountains and feeds into our rivers, creating excellent rafting opportunities.  So join Outdoor Recreation for another great summer full of adventure.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon offers incredible views, while navigating rapids the whole family can enjoy.   A must-do trip for everyone!

  • Location:  Bighorn Sheep Canyon
  • Restrictions:  Must be at least 8 years of age and weight 50 or more pounds.  Must be able to swim.
  • Sign-up Deadline:  By noon two days prior to the trip.
  • Date:  (See date listed above.)
  • Meet time:  7 a.m.
  • End Time:  3 or 4 p.m., depending on river flow.


North Cheyenne Cañon is a beautiful natural resource just a short drive away from Peterson.  With diverse wildlife and stunning views, the Cañon is a great place to spend a morning rock climbing with our experienced staff.  Sign up early; our climbing programs fill up fast!

  • Cost:  $20 R4R eligible participants, $70 general price.
  • Location:  North Cheyenne Cañon
  • Meet Time:  8 a.m.
  • End Time:  12 p.m.


Colorado has vast opportunities for overnight and multi-day expeditions.  From backpacking to bikepacking to river trips, there is something for everyone.  If you have never planned a multi-day wilderness trip, it can be a daunting task.  No worries, our experienced  and knowledgeable staff is here to help!  We will go over everything you need to know, including route planning resources, what to pack, how to pack, how much food to bring, and more.

  • Cost:  $8
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  4:30 p.m.
  • End  Time:  6 p.m.

ZIPLINING – May 30, July 25

Join us for a high-flying day of adventure as we head to the Broadmoor’s Soaring Adventures right here in Colorado Springs.  Cool stuff!

  • Cost:  $50 R4R eligible participants, $190 general price.
  • Location:  Broadmoor Soaring Adventures (Meet at Outdoor Recreation).
  • Meet Time:  TBD
  • End Time:  TBD.


  • May 31,
  • June 7, 14,
  • July 5, 19, 26,
  • August 2, 9

The Royal Gorge can be viewed from the top of the canyon on one of the world’s largest suspension bridges, or by train along side the river at the bottom of the canyon.  But the best way to experience the Royal Gorge is from the seat of a raft.

This trip is not for the faint of heart or for those who are nervous about rafting.  We also do not recommend this trip if this is your first time rafting.

However, for the trill seekers looking for the most adventure, our Royal Gorge trips offer the most technical and exciting rafting, while floating alongside huge canyon walls.  Come see why the Royal Gorge is one of the largest attractions in Colorado.

  • Cost:  $100/person, $30/person R4R.  Includes roundtrip transportation, equipment, lunch and guided service.
  • Location:  Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge.
  • Restrictions:  Must be at least 16 years of age and weight 90 or more pounds.  Must be able to swim.
  • Sign-up Deadline:  By noon two days prior to the trip.
  • Dates:  (See dates listed above.)
  • Meet Time:  7 a.m.
  • End Time:  4/5 p.m. depending on river flow.


Adventurers should not live on beef jerky alone!  If you want to learn the skills to add variety to your wilderness diet, this is the class for you. 

We will be cooking a handful of our favorite backcountry staples in this hands-on course that will teach you how to stop up your backcountry cooking game, allowing you to whip up hearty, satisfying meals to fuel your next adventure.

  • Cost:  $15
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  4:30 p.m.
  • End Time:  6:30 p.m.


Grab your bike, or rent one of ours, and join us as we explore some of the great trails right here in Colorado  Springs.  We will be heading to a beginner-friendly trail in North Cheyenne Cañon and showing you some of the basic skills it takes to have an enjoyable day mountain biking.

  • Cost:  $15 R4R eligible participants, $45 general price. (Inquire with ODR for rental prices.)
  • Location:  North Cheyenne Cañon
  • Meet Time:  8 a.m.
  • End Time:  12 p.m.


If you couldn’t get enough on our half-day trips, our full-day trips through Bighorn Sheep Canyon will be sure to satisfy your need for more whitewater.  You’ll see two phenomenal sections of Bighorn Sheep Canyon along the Arkansas River, with thrilling rapids the whole family can enjoy.

  • Cost:  $100/person, $30/person R4R.  Includes roundtrip transportation, equipment, lunch and guided service.
  • Location:  Bighorn Sheep Canyon
  • Restrictions:  Must be at least 12 years of age and weight 50 or more pounds.  Must be able to swim.
  • Sign-up Deadline:  By noon two days prior to the trip.
  • Dates:  (See dates listed above.)
  • Meet Time:  7 a.m.
  • End Time:  4/5 p.m. depending on river flow.


We are partnering with Angler’s Covey to offer this incredible 4-hour fly fishing trip.  You will head to the river and get professional guided instruction on the basics of fly fishing.

  • Cost:  TBD.
  • Location:  TBD.
  • Meet Time:  TBD.
  • End Time:  TBD.


When playing in the outdoors, it is best to be prepared for when things don’t go as planned. This class will get you some practical hands-on experience with skills such as bandaging wounds, making splints, and more. 

  • Cost: $5
  • Location: ODR
  • Meet Time: 4:30 p.m.
  • End Time: 6 p.m.

SKYDIVING – June 27, August 29

How would you like to see Southern Colorado from 12,000 feet above the ground without the pesky confines of an airplane?  We will head south just outside of Cañon City for this day of tandem skydiving.

  • Cost:  $50 R4R eligible participants, $195 general price.
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  TBD.
  • End Time:  TBD.


Experience Colorado’s beautiful mountain reservoirs on a SUP!

Learn the basic techniques and paddling skills that will get you on your way to exploring the local scenery. A great trip for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Cost: $40/person, $10/person R4R.
  • Location: Rampart Reservoir.
  • Restrictions: Must be at least 8 years of age and weigh 50 lbs or more.
  • Sign-up Deadline: By noon two days prior to trip.
  • Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

14er SHUTTLE – July 18, August 15

If you want to climb one of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks this summer, let Outdoor Recreation do the driving!  We will be heading to the Sawatch Range to deliver you to the trailhead so you can bag a 14er, then catch some z’s on the way back to base.

This is not a guided hike up the mountain, so please make sure you plan and prepare accordingly.

  • Cost:  $35.
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation.
  • Meet Time:  6 a.m.
  • End Time:  6 p.m.


we can’t argue that hot dogs roasted over the fire is a classic camp meal.  But if you want to elevate your camp chef skills, join us at Outdoor Recreation to learn what it takes to make delicious and hearty meals in a Dutch oven.  Dutch ovens, food, and charcoal will be provided.

  • Cost:  $15
  • Location:  Outdoor Recreation
  • Meet Time:  4 p.m.
  • End Time:  7 p.m.


Join us for a full day of downhill mountain biking at Trestle Bike Park, the United States’ largest full-service downhill bike park!  

Price includes a lift ticket, bike rental, full-face helmet, jacket or elbow pads, knee/shin pads, and gloves, as well as transportation from Outdoor Recreation to Trestle Bike Park and back.  

Participants must be 12 years of age or older.

  • Cost:  TBD.
  • Location:  Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort (Meet at Outdoor Recreation.)
  • Meet Time:  7 a.m.
  • End Time:  5 p.m.
  • Sign-up Deadline:  12 p.m. one week prior to trip!

DUCKY DAY – August 16, 29, 30

Paddling an inflatable kayak, or “FUNyak,” is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in Colorado. Our guides will teach you the basics of paddling and reading whitewater as you charge down Class II and Class III rapids on the Arkansas River.

If you’ve done whitewater rafting and loved it, this is the perfect progression to your whitewater experience.

Never been rafting or kayaking before? No problem, this is still a challenging but beginner-friendly adventure.

  • Cost: $70/person, $20/person R4R; includes round-trip transportation, equipment, lunch & guided service.
  • Location: Big Horn Sheep Canyon
  • Restrictions: Must be at least 16 years of age and weigh 90 lbs or more. Must be able to swim.
  • Sign-up Deadline: By noon two days prior to the trip.
  • Time: 7 a.m. – 3 or 4 p.m. (depending on river flow)


As fall approaches and temperatures start to drop, Colorado becomes a climbers dream. Without the proper knowledge, skills, and equipment, the sport of rock climbing can be very dangerous and intimidating.

Join Outdoor Recreation on our new Climbing Anchor Clinic to ensure you know how to be safe when out at the crag. You’ll be sure to acquire some new skills from our knowledgeable climbing guides.

  • Cost: $5/person.
  • Location: Outdoor Recreation.
  • Restrictions: No restrictions, but previous climbing experience is encouraged.
  • Sign-up Deadline: By noon two days prior to course.
  • Time: 4:30 p.m. -6:30 p.m.


Join Outdoor Rec as we celebrate another successful summer season with a high quality outdoor adventure film screened on our huge inflatable projector screen.

Feel free to bring your own snacks, camp chairs, kids, and furry friends! Popcorn will be served for free!

  • Cost: FREE
  • Location: Outdoor Rec.
  • Restrictions: None
  • Sign-up Deadline: None
  • Time: Doors open at 6 p.m., movie starts at 7 p.m.

RAPPELLING – August 30

Come out to beautiful North Cheyenne Cañon with Outdoor Recreation for a fun-filled day learning how to rappel.

Rappelling is a valuable skill to learn if you plan on getting into rock climbing or canyoneering.  Plus, it is a great way to take in the stunning scenery of North Cheyenne Cañon from a perspective that few others experience.

Participants must be 10 years of age or older, and weigh 60 lbs or more.

  • Cost:  $20 RecOn eligible participants, $70 general public.
  • Location:  North Cheyenne Cañon.
  • Meet Time:  8 a.m.
  • End Time:  1 p.m.



This is really cool:  Outdoor Recreation can provide you with a van and driver for your next big event. Whether you are going to the mountain for a day of skiing or attending a concert at Red Rocks in Morrison, Outdoor Recreation is here to help you have a fantastic time. Click here for details.

For custom pricing for your next event, call us at 719-556-4867, Option 1.


R4R discounted pricing is available to:

  • Active Duty Air Force and their dependents,
  • Air Reserve and Air National Guard members and their dependents,
  • Sister service members and their dependents (Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army) only if they are PERMANENTLY stationed on an Air Force installation. They need to have PCS orders to an Air Force installation, TDY orders do not count.

Who is NOT eligible:

  • Non-dependent family of eligible members,
  • Sister service members (and family) NOT permanently stationed on an Air Force installation (i.e. Army member stationed at Fort Carson is not eligible),
  • Foreign military members,
  • Veterans,
  • Retirees.

When you look at the cost of an Outdoor Recreation trip, the Single Airman Initiative and the RecOn Initiative will save you a big chunk of money. So go!


Thanks to the Single Airman Initiative grant, Outdoor Recreation offers substantial savings on trips and programs designed to foster a strong culture, mission and sense of community for airmen. For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at 719-556-4867, Option 1.


Outdoor Recreation is able to offer special discounts for the active duty military, reservist and their ID card dependents for some of our adventure programs through a special RecOn grant. You won’t find savings like these anywhere else. If you’re even modestly interested in one of these programs, we encourage you to sign up for it. We have the grant money today; we not have it forever. For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at 719-556-4867, Option 1.


Tell us: What are we doing well and what do we need to improve? Click here to connect to ICE – and be sure to include your comments. More than anything else, your written comments help us understand what really matters to you. Thank you for caring.

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