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DOD approved the third extension to accept/use expired USIDs. However, it has specific timelines on the waiver extension based on the populations – foreign affiliates and their dependent family members, active duty (includes ANG/Reserve) and their dependent family members, and retirees and their dependent family members. This extension is only valid for USIDs that expired between January 1, 2020, through July 31, 2021, and this waiver will expire on:

  1.  August 31, 2021, for all Foreign Affiliates and their dependents; and
  2.  October 31, 2021, for dependents of the U.S. Military (AD, RES, ANG); and
  3.  January 31, 2022, for Retirees and their dependents, and other populations.

Click here for the Extended Policy Guidance for Identification Card Operations During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic.


Subject:  Potential reinstatement of Deferred Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) or In-Place COT (IPCOT) Government-Funded Travel Entitlements lost due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions.

Applicable to: Active Duty

BLUF:  This message is to provide guidance on the process to request lost COT or IPCOT travel entitlements lost due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions.

DISCUSSION:  The memorandum released by Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) provided guidance authorizing the resumption of official travel including PCS, TDY, Government-funded leave travel and Personal leave outside the local area and Non-official travel outside the local area.

The guidance below provides procedures to assist those members who:

  • PCS’d from OCONUS to OCONUS or OCONUS to CONUS and was unable to utilize their deferred COT travel entitlements due to the DoD Stop Movement Order from 13 Mar 2020 – 22 May 2020 during COVID-19.
  • PCS’d from OCONUS to OCONUS or OCONUS to CONUS and was denied or due to extenuating and hardship reasons was unable to use their deferred COT travel entitlements due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • Was unable to use their IPCOT travel entitlements during their IPCOT tour through the end of their tour due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Travel Entitlement Eligibility for COT or IPCOT: 

  • Deferred Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT). When members are unable to use COT leave travel and transportation allowances between consecutive tours (due to military or personal necessity), a member may request COT leave deferment. If approved, members have until the end of their new tour to use the COT leave travel and transportation allowances, otherwise the authorization expires. Ordinary leave will be charged when using COT travel entitlement. See AFI 36-3003, paragraph 6.3.3 for exception to the end of tour limitation when members are unable to use the travel due to duty in connection with a contingency operation.
  • In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT): IPCOT refers to members assigned to a consecutive tour at the same overseas duty station. Members cannot initiate travel until they have entered the consecutive IPCOT tour. The member has until the end of the IPCOT tour to use the travel and transportation allowances, otherwise the authorization expires. Ordinary leave will be charged when using IPCOT travel entitlement. See AFI 36-3003, paragraph 6.3.3 for exception to the end of tour limitation when members are unable to use the travel due to duty in connection with a contingency operation.

How to Request Reinstatement of Deferred COT or IPCOT Leave That Was Lost Due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

Members who fall into any of the below categories may submit their request with appropriate documents to their servicing MPF by April 1, 2021.

What do I need to submit for reinstatement consideration: 

  • PCS Orders with deferred COT Leave approved.
  • Memo from member with squadron commander’s endorsement outlining extenuating and hardship reason deferred leave could not be taken or if COT leave was denied, if applicable.
  • IPCOT Approval RIP or MilPDS screen shot showing the IPCOT Assignment.
  • Memo from local Finance Office stating the deferred COT Leave or IPCOT Leave was not utilized.
  • Other applicable documents as needed to support the request for reinstatement of entitlements; documents such as, medical provider memo stating there were underlying health risks / conditions preventing the member and or dependents from utilizing COT deferred leave or IPCOT leave.

For more information, please copy and paste this link into your Web browser – or contact your servicing MPF.

Force Management:  21 FSS/FSPM Workflow  
Career Development:  21 FSS/FSPD Workflow   
Customer Support:  21 FSS/FSPS Workflow  

In an effort to mitigate COVID-19 and keep our Airmen and customers safe, we are encouraging all dependents and retirees to utilize our online/electronic renewal process for their ID cards.  This process allows our customers to submit their mandatory documents, photos, etc. electronically to our technicians so we can create the ID and have it ready for the dependent or sponsor/retiree to pick-up. 

Not only does this process minimize exposure to our Airmen and customers, but it also frees up our limited appointments for CACs, Pin Resets/Unlocks, Lost/Stolen IDs and DEERS updates that impact our beneficiaries. 

Please disseminate to your unit personnel so we can fully utilize this capability.

Any questions/concerns can be directed to our Customer Support section at DSN 834-0008 or Commercial 719-556-0008.



The following services will be offered in-person by the 21st FSS Customer Support section:

  • CACs that are expired, corrupt, expiring within the next 7 days.
  • CAC’s for new civilian hires (Civil Service, NAF Employees, and Contractors).
  • All Retiree & Dependent ID card applications as well as any DEERS updates and enrollments can be completed online. Visit  for specific instructions.  

Please click here for more specific guidance on other services offered.

For more information, call 719-556-0008, Option 1, or send an email to (copy and paste email address into your Web browser).

We are an appointment priority location.  We strongly encourage customers to book an appointment online (visit the RAPIDS website to schedule an appointment:, utilize our online renewal process (retiree or dependent IDs only), or contact us at 719-556-0008, option 1, so we can assist you with finding an appointment.

Customers who arrive without an appointment may experience extremely lengthy wait times, as our customers with appointments are seen first.  Customers without appointments who need to be seen for:  CAC unlock/blocks, CAC certificate issues, lost/stolen IDs, DEERS updates that impact medical benefits, deploying service members, and/or other unique situations, will be serviced as a priority over other customers without appointments.

(All customers are required to wear a face mask.)

MILITARY PERSONNEL FLIGHT – For the fastest service please schedule an appointment by visiting and paste the link into your Web browser)or call Customer Service at 719-556-0008, Option 1. 

  • For further questions or concerns, please contact the Military Personnel Flight Commander, 719- 556-7018. Please direct questions/concerns to 21 FSS/FSMP Military Personnel Workflow
  • All Dependent/Retiree ID cards may be completed through our online process.  Please see for further guidance. If you have difficulty uploading your renewal documents to DoD SAFE (, please send to Org Box: 21 FSS/FSMPS Customer Support Workflow; email:
  • Career Development  Section  719-556-1018—Currently by appointment only for Retentions, Assignments & Retirements/Separations. Please direct all questions to: Org Box: 21 FSS/FSMPD Career Development Workflow; email:
  • We are still out-processing members for Retirement/Separation as long as they have the following mandatory items complete: Separation Health Physical Exam (SHPE), dental clearance memorandum, Finance separation/retirement briefing, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), security clearance termination statement, and the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) mandated training and counseling. Refer your questions to Org Box: 21 FSS/FSPD Retirements and Separations
  • For questions about exception to policy for PCS or Dependent Concurrent Travel, please contact your Unit’s CSS or refer your questions to Org Box: 21 FSS/FSPD Assignments


Hours of Operation

MPF Customer Support Section (DEERS/ID CARDS) will be open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday thru Friday by appointment only. The MPF is closed all federal holidays and AFSPC Family Days.

The MPF is located at 135 Dover St., Bldg. 350, Suite 1074, Peterson SFB, Colorado 80914. 

Customer Support

719-556-0008, Option #1

MPF Customer Support PRIORITY LIST

  1. Appointments
  2. Distinguished Visitors (General Officers and SES Civilians)
  3. Pin Reset / CAC unblock 


Proper valid identification is required for all transactions. To be issued any ID card, two forms of valid unexpired identification are required for adults, one of which must be a current photo ID. Children under 18 years of age, only one form of ID is needed. (Ex. SSAN card, Birth certificate, school ID or current military ID card).

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