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General Info

All lockers are full-length size lockers to provide customers with space to store uniforms and belongings. All lockers except DV lockers are daily use. We suggest you bring your own lock. If not, a limited number of locks are available for checkout.

Resale Operation
Our resale operation is located at the front desk and offers convenience items for resale.

Personal Trainers
Contracted personal trainers are available by appointment. Fees vary based on the type of program customers request. See a staff member at the front desk for additional information.

Fitness Specialists
Each member of the Fitness & Sports Center’s staff is now a certified Fitness Specialist. Each is qualified to assist you in building an individualized eight-week program to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you run into a brick wall several months into a training regimen or need something new to renew your zeal for working out, the Fitness Specialist might be what you need. And, they can give you an equipment orientation, showing you all the different fitness equipment in the facility and demonstrating how to operate it. For more information, call the front desk at (719) 556-4462.